21.06.2016 - Thunderboard React Kit for Sensor to Cloud Connectivity  more
13.01.2016 - Jupiter SE873 - Worlds Smallest Flash Based GNSS Module more
23.11.2015 - Telegesis Celebrates Acquisition by Strategic Partner, Silicon Labs  more
08.09.2015 - Glyn Introduces New Partnership with MikroElektronika at Electronex 2015 more
03.09.2015 - Silabs Releases the Blue Gecko BGM111 Bluetooth® Smart Module  more
03.09.2015 - Antenova Introduces "Sinica", the New Benchmark GNSS Antenna for Portable Applications  more


Glyn Introduces New Partnership with MikroElektronika at Electronex 2015

Glyn is proudly announcing its new partnership with MikroElektronika at Electronex 2015 to be held in Melbourne on 9-10 September. Electronex is Australia's only dedicated expo and conference for the electronics industry.


MikroElektronika manufactures development and accessory boards and compilers for various leading microcontrollers including ARM, Microchip PIC, FTDI FT90x, Atmel AVR, and more. MikroElektronika also offers various add-on software to enrich your compilers such as the Visual TFT and Visual GLCD to create beautiful graphical interface for your GLCD and TFT applications. MikroElektronika also sells clicker boards which are compact development kits based on the mikroBUS™ socket. They are the quickest way to prototype and build standalone gadgets with their ever-expanding range of more than 100 add-on boards. 

For more than a decade MikroElektronika has been one of few companies in the world that produce entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures.

You can now purchase MikroElektronika products from our Glyn Store!


New IoT Kit using the BGM111 for BLE-to-Cloud applications from Silicon Labs

Silabs Thunderboard

Thunderboard React makes it easy to test and prototype an IoT application. It has a leading set of sensors and connects using Bluetooth Smart to the free mobile app. The mobile app seamlessly communicates between the Thunderboard and the cloud database to visualise sensor data collected or control the LED states on the Thunderboard React hardware. Individual components of the Thunderboard React can easily be integrated and modified in order to add BLE-to-Cloud connectivity for a user's particular application.

For more information on the Thunderboard React Kit or other products from Silicon Labs, please contact us at



TDK-Lambda and GLYN enter Distribution Agreement for ANZ

TDK Lambda & GlynTDK-Lambda Singapore has signed a distributor agreement with Glyn High Tech Distribution covering Australia and New Zealand which is effective from 1st April 2014. Glyn will support TDK-Lambda within the region for its range of Programmable Power Supplies, AC-DC& DC-DC Converters, Power Modules and EMC Filters.
Mike Benson, Managing Director at GLYN, is looking forward to this cooperation: "We see strong market interest in high quality Power Supplies and by partnering with the global market leader TDK Lambda we are confident our customers will quickly recognise the value these solutions can offer them. With the power supply critical in so many applications by  offering solutions with  5 year warranties, and meeting many of the global certifications  we can work with our existing customers in UPS, Medical, Railway and many other sectors to ensure they use the best solution for their specific requirement . The semi custom and custom solutions TDK Lambda offer will ensure our customers can take comfort that we can offer solution for almost any requirement.  With our existing experiences in power semiconductors having TDK Lambda perfectly complements our existing product lines and we are very excited to be offering these premium solutions to our valued customers and partners."

Kelvin Cheong, Sales Manager of TDK Lambda, commented: "GLYN has impressed the distribution sector for many years with its excellent customer support, commitment to local warehousing and engineering support. This agreement means together we can reach the valued engineers and decision-makers in companies that need the quality Power supply solutions that we at TDK Lambda can offer."

For TDK Lambda enquiries, please send email to for Australia and for New Zealand.




Telit Wireless Solutions is an enabler of the global machine-to-machine (m2m) movement. The company views m2m as the space intersected by the following three technology pillars

  1. Long-range cellular connection of devices to each-other and the Internet of Things (IoT);
  2. Short-to-long range license free wireless connection of devices to their peripherals, to each other, and to long-range gateways;
  3. Position awareness for all connected devices.

Glyn logo

GLYN Ltd (Australia and New Zealand) is a specialist high-tech solutions provider and the exclusive distributor for the best-in-class range of semiconductors and electronic component manufacturers from Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan.

We don't have hundreds of products in our linecard since we specialise in supporting only the best brands in the most crucial electronic components that you will ever need in today's product designs and tomorrow's next tech boom -- Internet of Things and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) connectivities!

"The 'Industrial Internet' (or Internet of Things) has the potential to add $10-15 trillion to global GDP by 2030 and reduce billions of dollars worth of waste across major industries such as healthcare, energy and transportation, according to a new report by General Electric (GE)." - TechWorld (27 Nov 2012)

The Internet of Things Business Index: A quiet revolution gathers pace - 2013 report published by The Economist and sponsored by ARM

Our Focus:

Wireless Technologies including M2M and Internet of Things connectivities with 4G LTE, 3G, GSM, GPRS, GNSS (GPS/GLONASS), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4, active RFID, ISM band RF, antennas, and with iOS and Android support and cloud partners
Sensors including motion sensors (accelorometers, gyros, digital compass), vibration sensors, shock sensors, tilt sensors, inclinometers, hall effect sensors, gas sensors, electric potential sensors, and current sensors
Microelectronics including ultra low power ARM microcontrollers, ARM IDE toolchain, USB conversion, and audio and video signal processing.
Display Technologies including e-paper, OLED, TFT LCD modules, monochrome graphic and character LCD displays, touch panels and driver/controller board solutions.

If you have a demand for electronic components and need premium support including FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION, Glyn will work alongside with you.

For Australian enquiries, please contact us at

For New Zealand enquiries, please contact us at

For overseas enquiries and international procurement, please send your request to

M2Mzone - your M2M and IoT specialist!

M2M and IoT Specialist

M2Mzone website


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Bluegiga Product Comparison Chart 2013

Bluegiga Product Comparison

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