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25.09.2006 - ZigBee Wireless Solutions Provider JENNIC Appoints GLYN as Distributor for Australia, New Zealand    more



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JN5148 Wireless Microcontroller

JN5148 Wireless Microcontroller

The JN5148 is our latest generation of ultra low power, low cost wireless microcontroller for wireless sensor networking applications based on the IEEE802.15.4 standard, including JenNet, JenNet-IP and ZigBee PRO.

It offers an enhanced 32-bit RISC processor featuring improved coding efficiency and up to 32MIPs performance, a fully compliant 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 transceiver, 128kB of ROM and 128kB of RAM to support both the networking protocol stack and user application on-chip, and a rich mix of user peripherals.

The 32-bit RISC CPU achieves world class performance through its variable instruction width, multi-stage instruction pipeline and prioritised interrupt scheduler.

The highest levels of on-chip integration also means that the device offers many new and innovative peripheral enhancements, such as:

  • 4-wire digital audio interface that will connect directly to mainstream audio CODECs
  • Low power sleep counters designed for pulse counting in AMR applications

The JN5148 sets new benchmarks for the lowest power consumption, highest processing capability and the highest levels of integration in a single chip wireless microcontroller.

The integrated power management on the JN5148 efficiently controls the system power, enabling it to support applications that require the use of a coin cell with a 20mA limited discharge capability. With a system operating current consumption of 18mA when receiving, and 15mA when transmitting at +3dBm, the JN5148 consumes typically 35% less power than existing solutions in these modes of operation.





JN5148 ZigBee Module

Buy Now at Glyn Store!The JN5148-001-Myy family is a range of ultra low power, high performance surface mount modules targeted at low power wireless networking applications, enabling users to realise products with minimum time to market and at the lowest cost. They remove the need for expensive and lengthy development of custom RF board designs and test suites. The modules use our JN5148 wireless microcontroller to provide a comprehensive solution with large memory, high CPU and radio performance and all RF components are included.  All that is required to develop and manufacture wireless control or sensing products is to connect a power supply and peripherals such as switches, actuators and sensors, considerably simplifying product development.

Three module variants are available: JN5148-001-M00 with an integrated antenna, JN5148-001-M03 with an antenna connector and JN5148-001-M04 with an antenna connector, power amplifier and LNA for extended range.  All modules can run networking stacks such as JenNet and ZigBee PRO as well as customer applications.


Features: Module
  • 2.4GHz IEEE802.15.4 and ZigBee PRO applications
  • Sleep current (with active sleep timer) 2.6µA
  • JN5148-001-M00/03
    Up to 1km range (Ext antenna)
    M00: integral antenna 18x32mm
    M03: uFl connector 18x30mm
    • TX power +2.5dBm
    • Receiver sensitivity -95dBm
    • TX current 15mA
    • RX current 17.5mA
    • 2.3-3.6V operation
  • JN5148-001-M04
    Up to 4km range (Ext antenna)
    • 20dBm TX power
    • Receiver sensitivity -98dBm
    • uFl connector
    • TX current 110mA
    • RX current 23mA
    • 18x41mm
    • 2.7-3.6V operation
Features: Microcontroller
  • 32-bit RISC CPU, up to 32MIPs with low power
  • 128kB ROM stores system code
  • 128kB RAM stores system data and bootloaded program code
  • 4Mbit serial flash for program code and data
  • On chip OTP efuse
  • JTAG debug interface
  • 4-input 12-bit ADC, 2 12-bit DACs, 2 comparators
  • 3 Application timer/counters,
    3 system timers
  • 2 UARTs
  • SPI port with 5 selects
  • 2-wire serial interface
  • 4-wire digital audio interface
  • Watchdog timer
  • Up to 21 DIO


  • Microminiature module solutions
  • Ready to use in products
  • Minimises product development time
  • No RF test required for systems
  • Compliant with FCC part 15 rules, IC Canada RSS 210e, ETSI ETS 300-328 and Japan ARIB STD-T66
  • Production volumes supplied pre-programmed with application software
  • Robust and secure low power wireless applications
  • IEEE802.15.4 networks including JenNet, JenNet-IP and ZigBee PRO
  • Home and commercial building automation
  • Utilities metering (e.g. AMR)
  • Location Aware services (e.g. Asset Tracking)
  • Toys and gaming peripherals
  • Industrial systems
  • Telemetry
  • Remote Control

Industrial temperature range (-40 to +85C)

Lead-free and RoHS compliant





ZigBee & IEEE 802.15.4 Evaluation Kits
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JN5148 ZigBee Evaluation Kit

The JN5148-EK010 evaluation kit provides a complete environment for the development of IEEE802.15.4, JenNet and ZigBee PRO applications based on the JN5148 wireless microcontroller. The kit contains a complete package of hardware and software, including five wireless sensor nodes, an unrestricted software developer kit (SDK), and example code.

The SDK provides a complete set of development tools, software libraries and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for programming and controlling the on-chip peripherals of the JN5148, for configuring and managing the network and for data communication.

Out of the box, the hardware nodes are pre-programmed and demonstrate an example home sensor demo that monitors the state of sensors on the wireless nodes and presents this information on the controller node’s LCD display.

Wireless Sensor Nodes (5 off)
  • JN5148 modules
    • 2 x standard power PCB antenna
    • 3 x standard power uFl connector
  • Onboard temperature, light level and humidity sensors
  • JN5148 IO expansion port
  • 2 x USB cables for PC connection
  • Battery or external power supply
  • 1 node with bitmapped LCD
High power modules (2 off)
  • JN5148 high power uFl connector modules for extended range
Software development kit
  • GNU-based toolchain
    • C compiler
    • Debugger
    • Flash programmer
  • Eclipse IDE
  • GNU Debugger (GDB) integrated into Eclipse
  • Microcontroller and peripheral libraries
  • JenNet and ZigBee PRO libraries
Application support
  • Datasheets
  • User guides
  • Reference manual
  • Complete SDK and network stacks
  • JenNet stack for quick and easy development of proprietary systems
  • ZigBee compliant platform
  • Unrestricted development environment
  • Rapid application development and demonstration
  • Profile support with increasing number of clusters
  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) library for Smart Energy security support available from Certicom
  • Smart energy / smart grid: load control and demand response
  • Building Automation: HVAC, lighting control, access control, security, fire detection and alarm
  • Industrial Automation and Control: pressure, temperature, level sensing, flow control, machine monitoring
  • Home Control: remote security and surveillance, heating control, lighting control, energy management
  • Medical: patient monitoring, asset tagging

JenNet-IP EK040 Evaluation Kit

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Jen-Net-IP EK040 Evaluation Kit

JenNet-IP is a wireless IPv6 based network solution driving the “Internet of Things”.

Based on the well established IEEE 802.15.4 2.45GHz low power radio technology, it adds the self healing JenNet tree networking stack, the IETF 6LoWPAN IP layer and “JIP”, a powerful and flexible application layer enabling interoperability between devices.

It is initially targeted at Lighting and Home Automation systems where it is rapidly becoming established as the system of choice, with provision for many different types of device, all connecting to the same wireless network.

With this solution, every device in the home can have its own IPv6 address, turning the home into a simple extension of the internet and enabling new and exciting innovations to be created in home controls and energy management.

The JenNet-IP-EK040 evaluation kit provides all the components needed to allow developers to create these new applications.

Wireless Sensor Nodes (4 off)
  • JN5148-J01 module
    • 2 x uFl connected to SMA external antenna
  • JN5142-J01 module
    • 1 x PCB antenna
    • 1 x uFl connected to SMA external antenna
  • USB micro-B connectors
  • USB, battery or external PSU (not included)
  • 2 x USB cables
Plug-in "Shields (4 off)
  • Arduino compatible footprint
  • 3 dimmable bright white LED
  • Temperature, light level and humidity sensors
  • JN514x IO expansion port
High Power Modules (2 off)
  • JN5148-J01 high power module for extended range

USB Dongles (2 off)

  • High power USB dongles for sniffer and coordinator


  • Router providing connection to Ethernet
  • Custom OpenWrt software
  • Power supply

Remote Control

  •  Capacitive touch remote control
Software Development Ki
  • GNU-based toolchain - C compiler
  • Flash programmer
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Microcontroller and peripheral libraries
  • JenNet-IP library
Application Support
  • Datasheets
  • User Guides
  • Reference Manuals
  • Complete SDK and JenNet-IP network stack
  • IP connectivity to all wireless nodes
  • Robust self-healing JenNet-IP stack for quick and easy development 
  • Unrestricted development environment - no license fee
  • Rapid application development and demonstration 


  • Domestic Lighting control
  • Home Automation: heating and ventilation control, energy management, access control, blind and window control 
  • Building Automation: HVAC, access control, security, fire detection and alarm
  • Commercial and Outdoor lighting
  • Security Systems