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Issue 44 Headlines


GainSpan Low Power Wi-Fi SoC, Modules, Kits with iPhone App Now Available from Glyn

FTDI Introduces Arduino-Inspired Vinco Development Platform For Android Open Accessory Development

Bluegiga Technologies Speeds up Development of Wireless Bluetooth-based iOS Accessories for Apple Products

Fujitsu Releases FRAM Stand-Alone Memory Products

Improve Your Embedded Software Development Skills with Free Atollic White Papers!

Micronas Adds Gas Sensor and Current Measurement Transducer to its Product Line

Bluegiga’s Linux-Based Access Server AX4 Offers Various Wireless Connectivity Options

Glyn To Participate in Electronex 2011


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GainSpan Low Power Wi-Fi SoC, Modules, Kits with iPhone App Now Available from Glyn


With GainSpan’s Wi-Fi technology, customers can add Wi-Fi connectivity to nearly any product

GainSpan, a spin-off of Intel and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California and now available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution have products that address the market demand for low power and low cost Wi-Fi connectivity.  They meet these demands through their GS1011 chip and module products, suite of embedded and Serial to Wi-Fi software, and complete solutions and development kits that also include an iPhone App.

With GainSpan’s embedded Wi-Fi solutions, customers across a variety of industries can now develop a whole new class of Internet connected products. GainSpan is focused on five key market segments: healthcare and fitness, smart energy, industrial control, commercial/building automation and consumer home.

GainSpan hang their company hat on their low power chip technology and advanced power management techniques that result in Wi-Fi that uses so little power, products can run for years on standard batteries. But what really sets GainSpan apart is the architecture they have developed to offload Wi-Fi services from the host processor and to support the networking stack. They do this with a secondary "network" processor. The result is that customers can marry any 8-32bits microcontroller to GainSpan’s solution and get Wi-Fi quickly, easily and at low cost. Nearly any device can now leverage the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points and gain Internet connectivity. GainSpan truly deliver on the promise of Wi-Fi – they call it the "Wi-Fi of Things."

For more details, please check out our GainSpan webpage or send email to



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FTDI Introduces Arduino-Inspired Vinco Development Platform For Android Open Accessory Development


New toolchain offers Android Open Accessory class driver including source code


Android icon

FTDI, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, has recently announced its commitment to supporting the Android Open Accessories initiative, thus allowing engineers to realize exciting new system designs that are compatible with tablets and smartphones utilising the highly popular Android operating system.

"FTDI is very excited about the new Android Open Accessories initiative and in response has decided to provide support for it in both the Vinculum II dual USB host/device controller IC and the low cost Vinco development board product offerings” states the company’s CEO and founder Fred Dart. “We expect this to have a major impact on the way engineers carry out future development projects, giving them access to a far greater breadth of device connectivity.”


This move will prove to be of great benefit to engineers using the company’s Arduino-inspired Vinco platform (which was released in November 2010) to create USB 2.0 connected embedded systems. The major advantage that Vinco has over other development platforms of this kind is that the host controller capability is already integrated into the board itself. This means that design engineers do not need to budget for an extra USB host controller card/IC to implement Android Open Accessories.



VNCL0-MB1A Vinculum-II Development Platform
Vinco Main Board

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“As Vinco incorporates USB host controller functionality, it totally eliminates the need for any secondary host controller hardware to be added, thereby dramatically shortening the development process and reducing the bill of materials" Dart adds. “As a result more ambitious, imaginative and cost-effective designs will be possible.”


Vinco is a cost effective Vinculum-II (VNC2) development platform inspired by Arduino. The Vinco is a dual channel USB Host/Device Controller is targeted at rapid development and prototyping of USB Host/Device interfaces. Vinco is a superset of the Arduino Duemilanove / Uno with 2 extra rows of headers providing an extra 10 pins and can be programmed using a subset of standard ANSI ‘C’ using the FTDI free of charge software development environment, consisting of development tools, software drivers and libraries.


The Vinco features an 8-channel, 10Bit ADC, PWM interface and supports connectivity to a wide range of application boards developed by the Arduino open-source community. These include Ethernet, motor control, LCD and many others applications.


The module uses a VNC2-64Q package to facilitate 38 GPIO options on 0.1” pitch header pins. A 10 bit A/D converter has also been added to offer connectivity to analogue inputs. This A/D converter can be read by the VNC2-64Q SPI host interface.


For USB connectivity the module includes one USB type A connector for a USB host port and one mini-B connector for a USB slave port to provide access to the VNC2-64Q USB ports.






The latest release of its Vinculum-II (VNC2) development Toolchain, version 1.4.2 offers improved reliability and performance over previous releases, and includes the following new features:

  • Android Open Accessory class driver. Sample VNC2 application and Android application source code are included. (Requires Gingerbread 2.3.4 or Honeycomb 3.1 or later).
  • Source code for Android Open Accessory, CDC and Printer USBHost class drivers included.
  • Performance improvements for various drivers including USBHost, USBSlave and FAT File System.
  • Ethernet (WizNet 5100 via SPI) and RTC (via SPI) drivers added.
  • Improvements to reflashing API for firmware update from Flash disks.
  • Introduction of new API for run time access to unused FlashROM pages.
  • Precompiled samples for FT232 to UART and CDC Modem to UART applications.
  • AppWizard now supports Vinco projects. All samples updated to use AppWizard allowing them to be easily reconfigured.


For documentation and other details, please check out this Featured Product at Glyn website’s home page


To purchase the Vinco board and accessories, please visit our Glyn Store.



Bluegiga Technologies Speeds up Development of Wireless Bluetooth-based iOS Accessories for Apple Products


Developers can quickly develop Bluetooth accessories for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Bluegiga iWRAPBluegiga Technologies, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, introduces a new version of the iWRAP Bluetooth stack with enhanced connectivity for Apple’s line of iOS enabled devices. The new firmware will allow developers to quickly create Bluetooth accessories for popular devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


The iWRAP Bluetooth stack incorporates two new features: First, Bluegiga’s Bluetooth modules with iWRAP can directly interface to the Apple authentication co-processor and perform initial authentication of the Bluetooth connection relieving up the host processor to perform other tasks. Second, the iWRAP Bluetooth stack implements Apple’s iAP protocol for communication between the iOS device and the Bluetooth enabled accessory simplifying application development for the accessory designer.


The iWRAP Bluetooth stack also supports other Bluetooth profiles such as Serial Port Profile, Hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP, PBAP and HID, which can run simultaneously with the newly created iOS connectivity. It allows accessory manufacturers to create highly versatile devices.


“The new iWRAP firmware greatly speeds up the iOS accessory development as we’ve solved the authentication and iAP protocol challenges for the designer. iWRAP provides a totally transparent data transfer mode so the application doesn’t need to care if the mobile device runs iOS, Android, or another mobile OS platform”, comments Mikko Savolainen, VP Product Management.


The new firmware is available for Bluegiga’s WT12, WT11, WT41, WT32 and the WT11i Bluetooth modules.


For a copy of the iWRAP iPhone Application Note, please send us an email to





Fujitsu Releases FRAM Stand-Alone Memory Products


FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) technology combines the benefits of conventional non-volatile memories and rapid static RAM and has low power consumption


Fujitsu FRAMGlyn is seeing a serious shortage of FRAM in the market place and Fujitsu Semiconductor now has available equivalent FRAM with identical performance and pinouts to those commonly used today.


Fujitsu is selling directly via Glyn to end users its own FRAM family of products. Therefore, if you have any usage for FRAM, send us the part number you are using and the annual quantity and we will issue a quotation in return with the Fujitsu datasheet for your reference. Upon acceptance of the quotation Glyn will send 2 free samples of the Fujitsu FRAM to customers using more than 500pcs/year for qualification testing.


If you are not using FRAM, but are using EEPROM, Flash or SRAM, then we would like you to consider the advantages of Serial (I2C or SPI) or Parallel FRAM in your new design. 


For more details, please send us an email to




Improve your embedded software development skills with free Atollic white papers!


Free Atollic webinar events also available


Atollic TrueSTUDIOAtollic provides premier C/C++ development, code analysis and test automation tools for professional embedded developers working with popular 32-bit microcontrollers, including most ARM® devices, delivering an unrivalled feature-set and unprecedented integration.


Atollic is now offering a number of free white papers outlining tools and methods that enables embedded systems developers to work more professionally, and improve their efficiency in terms of development and debugging, static source code analysis, code reviews, test automation, test quality measurement, team collaboration and more.


White paper: How to develop embedded software in a professional way
White paper: Embedded test automation
White paper: Measure test quality
White paper: Improve software quality with static source code analysis
White paper: Understanding MISRA®-C testing tools compliance
White paper: Improving software quality with source code reviews
White paper: Manage embedded code with Subversion


Free webinar events are also available with schedule available on request.


For more information or quote on Atollic products, please send us an email to


Micronas Adds Gas Sensor and Current Measurement Transducer to its Product Line

New Hall-Effect sensors (switches, linear and angular) also available

Micronas mySENS gas sensing technologyMicronas, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, and a leading supplier of cutting-edge Hall-effect sensors and IC system solutions for automotive and industrial electronics, now has a current measurement transducer and a gas sensor in its product range.

The Micronas mySENS gas sensing technology represents a new versatile integrated sensor technology based on a CCFET Sensor (CCFET = Capacitive Coupled Field Effect Transistor). This sensor technology aims at detection of concentration changes of selected gases in ambient environments in a broad variety of different applications. Its fabrication process is embedded into Micronas’ CMOS manufacturing technology. Thus, the sensor can be integrated together with control and evaluation electronics into one single chip, profiting from both miniaturisation as well as design experience of current advanced semiconductor technology.


The CUR 3105 is a current transducer based on the Hall effect. The IC can be used for very precise current measurements. The output voltage is proportional to the measured current and the supply voltage (ratiometric analog output). Major characteristics, such as magnetic field range, sensitivity, output quiescent voltage (output voltage at B=0 mT), and output voltage range are programmable and are stored in the internal EEPROM. It is possible to program different transducers which are in parallel to the same supply voltage individually. The transducer is designed for industrial, white goods and automotive applications and operates with typically 5 V supply voltage in the wide junction temperature range from −40 °C up to 170 °C. The CUR 3105 is available in the very small leaded package TO92UT and the SMD package SOIC8.


For more details, please visit Micronas website or send us an email to



Bluegiga’s Linux-Based Access Server AX4 Offers Various Wireless Connectivity Options


Long Range Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G or 3G modem, and PoE options available


Bluegiga AX4 Access ServerThe new Access Server AX4 from Bluegiga, available from Glyn High-Tech Distribution, is a powerful Linux based wireless connectivity platform targeted for eHealth, point-of-sale, proximity marketing, captive portal, and long range Bluetooth connectivity applications. The AX4 integrates three high performance Bluetooth class 1 radios, 802.11b/g radio and optional 2G or 3G modem.


The AX4 platform comes with built-in software that allows system integrators to quickly build and deploy their own applications. The AX4 platform can be customized and localized with the AX4 Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows easy and rapid application development. Remote network management of the devices can be handled with the Bluegiga Solution Manager (BSM) software.

Key Features

  • Embedded Linux™ Operating System
    • ARM9 processor
    • 128MB RAM
    • 1GB Flash
  • Connectivity options
    • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR class 1
    • High performance – 1000+ meter ranger
    • Range to class 2 Bluetooth devices – 60+ meters
    • 801.11 b/g – client and access point mode
    • Optional GPRS/EDGE or 3G modem
    • 10/100Mbps Ethernet with Power-over-Ethernet
  • Built-in applications
    • Bluetooth marketing
    • Captive portal
    • eHealth
    • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easily customizable and localizable with SDK
  • Centralized remote network management with Bluegiga Solution Manager (BSM)


For more details, please visit Bluegiga website or send us an email to


Glyn To Participate in Electronex 2011


Electronex is the largest dedicated electronics trade show seen in Australia in many years and their inaugural show in Sydney last year was an outstanding success.


The electronics industry has applauded the return of a specialised event for the electronics sector to more accurately service their procurement requirements for design, manufacture, maintenance, research, development and distribution.


Electronex 2011 will again combine a dedicated exhibition showcasing equipment, services and technologies, and a technical conference conducted by the SMCBA presenting the latest information on electronics design & manufacture.


Join Glyn this year at Electronex 2011 to keep abreast of the latest developments and to find solutions that will give you a competitive design & manufacturing edge.


Where: Melbourne Park Function Centre (Conference & Exhibition Centre)
When: Wed 14th Sep (10am - 6pm), Thu 15th Sep (9am - 5pm)
Glyn Stand: Stand C02


GLYN at Electronex 2011!


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