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  • Hall-effect Sensors
    • Switches — Programmable & Non-programmable
    • Linear — Programmable & Non-programmable
    • Angular — Programmable & Non-programmable
  • Current Sensors
  • Gas Sensors
  • High Voltage Microcontroller for Automotive Application

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09.03.2007 - Micronas and 1 Ltd unveil Digital Sound Projector turnkey solution   more
21.08.2006 - Micronas Releases Headset Codec with USB 2.0 Interface for VoIP and Telephony Applications   more
25.05.2006 - Micronas Offers Alternative to Micro-Switches with Low-Cost Hall Sensor Family  more
01.05.2006 - Micronas Introduces Its Real-Time Streaming Media Encoder and SoC for IP Camera and Networked PVR Applications  more

Micronas supplies a wide range of hall-effect sensors for many different kinds of applications. Micronas has pioneered CMOS based hall-effect sensors offering today highest quality products for different parameters like position, pressure, speed, level and current. Different sensor families have been developed in the past. The switch family includes simple switches (HAL 5xy / HAL 2xy), double-plate switches (HAL 7xy) as well as highest complex programmable switches (HAL 10xy). Another major family is comprised out of linear sensors which includes non-programmable (HAL 4xy) as well as programmable (HAL 8xy) but also with direct network interfacing like LIN (HAL 28xy). The latter represents a so-called "smart or intelligent sensor" which means a further step on system integration level including already a small microcontroller.

In automotive electronics Micronas is focusing both on highly integrated systems for car interior applications and on sensor systems for a whole range of applications.

Micronas today offers the world’s broadest range of Hall-effect sensors. Our expertise in Hall sensors combines perfectly with our CMOS and mixed-signal design resources to create accurate, intelligent sensors for a broad range of Industrial applications.

Hall sensors are also increasingly establishing themselves in automated manufacturing processes and household equipment. Micronas' sensor solutions are in demand for industrial applications such as robotics controllers and systems to automate manufacturing equipment. Hall sensors can also be used in many household items, including washing machines, tumble driers, cooker hobs, and heating and cooling systems.

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Micronas currently has two main current sensor families - CUR31xy and CUR315x.

CUR 3105 and CUR 3115 represent the first members of the new Micronas product group of Hall-effect-based current transducers .They can be used for very precise current measurements. The output voltage is proportional to the measured current and the supply voltage (ratiometric analog output) .

CUR 315x is a current transducer sub-family based on the Hall effect. The IC can be used for very precise current measurements. The PWM output signal is proportional to the measured current.

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Micronas gas sensors are based on a unique and proprietary technology called mySENS. The special feature distinguishing Micronas devices from others is their special CCFET setup. The CCFET technology (Capacitive Coupled Field Effect Transistor) is the way, our sensors detect gas concentration changes in the ambient air for a broad variety of applications.

For the detection of a target gas, a gas-sensitive layer is applied on a suspended gate that is mounted on top of a silicon chip. If this layer comes into contact with molecules of the target gas it responds with a change of its surface potential. As shown in the figure below, the gas-sensitive layer is capacitively coupled to a large floating electrode which is connected to the floating gate of a conventional MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor).

Any gas-induced change of the gas-sensitive layer‘s surface potential is detected by the MOSFET and digitally processed by the integrated electronics.

What makes this way of gas detection so special? The interaction between the gas-sensitive layer and ambient gas molecules is a reversible dynamic process. This process takes place at room temperature allowing low-power, unheated operation for many gas species. All of this occurs without wear of the gas-sensitive layer.

By using different gas-sensitive layers, Micronas gas sensors are able to detect specific target gases like nitrogen dioxide (NO2), ammonia (NH3), hydrogen (H2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

  • Versatile, integrated digital gas sensor technology
  • CCFET technology – gas detection based on physical effect
  • No heating required for most target gas species
  • Fast detection of concentration changes of ambient trace gases
  • Adjustable detection spectrum (by sensing layer and algorithms)
  • Fabrication process embedded into Micronas’ CMOS manufacturing technology
  • System size and cost reduction by integrated solution with digital interface
  • Multi-parametric detection with independent sensors for 2 gases, temperature and relative humidity
  • Temperature and relative humidity sensors for compensation of gas sensor signals but also as measurement devices
  • Integrated heating option
  • Immunity against environmental interference, low cross sensitivities

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The high-voltage microcontroller HVC 24xyB combines a standard microcontroller core with a wide range of additional functions which, up to now, could only be realized via external circuit elements.

The Micronas HVC 2480B, a high-voltage controller for use in automotive and in-dustrial applications, features advanced integration for a compact and cost-effective system design.


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