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High-performance router solution for modern businesses

At Glyn, we are seeing just how quickly the Internet of Things is transforming business across every industry. Companies are capitalising on IoT enabled solutions for diverse solutions - from connecting and managing assets on the edge, to enabling actionable insights...

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IoT: restaurants getting better oil use

Here is a Telit case study about how the restaurant industry uses Telit’s platform to get real-time updates on cooking oil usage trends and filtration practices, so restaurants know when it’s time to change the oil in their fryers....

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Glyn ANZ – 15 Years and Going Strong!

This month marks 15 years since Glyn started its down under adventure. Over that time we have expanded our office location, our great team, our suppliers, our customer base and for some of us our waistline! We continue to find innovative solutions and do our best to...

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HID – Smart, secure access control

This overview article about contactless smart cards covers some of the basics of this widely applicable technology as well as looking at physical access control applications. Advantages Over Contact Smart Cards Contact smart cards never gained acceptance for use in...

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Glyn 80pin GFF – accessibility and deep integration 

GLYN Global Form Factor (GFF) – Robust Global Board for 4G/3G Cellular, Sigfox and LoRa The Glyn 80pin GFF range is an established form factor for cellular communication which provides the most accessibility to all the pinouts of these highly complex modules where...

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