Laird has developed a new flexible, adhesive-backed PIFA antenna, an industry-first design specifically optimised for installation on metal surfaces. The mFlexPIFA™ can be placed directly on curved or straight metal objects. This important innovation is great news for our Glyn customers. As Alan Suyko highlights, “Most antennas cannot be mounted on a metal surface as it detunes their frequency and changes their performance, so this recent development in antennas will have a wide variety of applications.”

It is ideal for embedded applications with metal enclosures and components as it provides the best possible antenna gain and performance in a wide range of enclosures and is available in a 2.4GHz version for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Thread, and general ISM applications.

The mFlexPIFA joins Laird’s family of antenna solutions designed to provide unmatched flexibility and solve real-world antenna design challenges that traditional antenna products simply cannot. Typically, placing an antenna near metal surfaces will detune the antenna, but the mFlexPIFA addresses this critical technical challenge.

Features include:

  • Specifically tuned for direct mounting to metal surfaces
  • Ability to be flexed in either concave or convex directions without sacrificing antenna performance, providing more flexibility in the placement of your antenna
  • Small size and adhesive-backing give further mounting flexibility within your product design

See more details of the technical specifications here.

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