Guil Ries is keen to show this flexible new product range to Glyn customers as a range of specific applications can benefit from the device, from POS (Point of Sale) to Biometrics.

Three new SAMA5D2 SiP (System in Package) devices are taking the SAMA5D2 and embedding DRAM into a single package. This single package integration provides a lot of advantages, making board design simpler and more robust. It removes the number one design, issue which is the tricky board layout for the external DRAM.

Winbond has been contracted for a minimum 10-year supply for DDR2, and will offer three memory options for the SiP as shown with 128M-bit, 512M-Bit or with 1Giga-bit DDR2:

  • The smaller memory will be good for small OS or bare metal
  • Linux applications need the larger 512M-Bit or 1G-bit version
  • For the smaller 196 BGA, the extra pins recovered from moving the DRAM into the package are brought out as extra peripherals (mostly serial communication), increasing functionality.

Why choose DDR2?

We compared DDR2 and DDR3 for the DRAM options. Besides being equivalently priced, the DDR2 requires 1.8V voltage supply (versus 1.5V or 1.35V for the DDR3/DDR3L), limiting to two external power supplies for the whole system (3.3V and 1.8V). It also provides better system performance and lower power consumption, making it the best choice.

  • Combine MPU + DDR2 in a single package
  • Unique MPU offering
  • Lowers overall system cost down to 4 PCB layers and PCB space
  • Reduce design complexity and facilitate design for EMI
  • Small footprint
  • Minimum 10 years DDR lifetime guarantee
  • No DRAM price fluctuation
  • Industrial grade (-40/+85°C)
  • Scalable memory options
  • Single supplier for MPU & Memory
  • PCI Security standard compliant


  • 128MBit DDR2+ SAMA5D22 for RTOS or Bare Metal
  • BGA196 11x11mm 0.75mm pitch
  • Not pin to pin compatible with SAMA5D22
  • Additional features vs SAMA5D22 BGA196:
    • +1 SD Card 8-bit interface (x2 total)
    • +1 QSPI (x2 total)
    • +2 Flexcom muxing option (x5 total)
    • +1 I2S muxing option (x2 total)
    • +2 timer counter muxing option (x6 total)
    • SAMA5D27C-D5M/D1G & SAMA5D28C-D1G
  • 512MBit or 1GBit DDR2 + SAMA5D27/28 for Linux-based systems
  • BGA289 14x14mm 0.8mm pitch
  • Same peripheral set as SAMA5D27/28
  • Not pin to pin compatible with SAMA5D27/28
  • Ultra-low power, lower system cost and high-grade security.

Media embedded features include an audio subsystem with digital microphone inputs and Class D Amplifier outputs. Visual output is provided by a 24-bit data TFT-LCD interface with support for four overlays and graphic acceleration. A 12-bit parallel camera interface and a peripheral touch controller support visual and touch inputs. The SAMA5D2 also has our highest level of security based on the ARM TrustZone and is pre-certified by the Payment Card Industry. These security features are critical for many MPU applications, particularly for Point of Sale (POS) terminals.

  • Parallel 12-bit Interface for Raw Bayer, JPEG Compressed Sensor Interface and Monochrome
  • ITU-R BT 601/656/1120 video interface (YCbCr)
  • Up to 2592×1944 resolution — 5 Mpix
  • ISP features @166Mpix
  • Cropping, adjustable white balance, colour correction, gamma correction, colour space conversion, contrast/brightness control, histogram generation
  • Output memory format
  • 16bpp RGB, 32bpp RGB, 16bpp, YCbCr 444, YCbCr 422, YCbCr 420, up to 12-bit raw Bayer

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